Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Boule Court, Baby Ducklings, Boating and Briar Steading WIFi -Lochearnhead

Spring is well under way at Briar Cottages on Loch Earn and Lochearnhead has already had a taste of 20 degree sunny weather.  There is nothing like sitting out in the loch garden with a cold beer or glass of wine. 
Fraser The Smug Boule Champion of Briar Cottage on Loch Earn

Boule Court: Those of you who have met my husband Fraser probably can not picture him sitting around for long spells at a time as he always has a project or five on the go. His latest challenge has been a "Boule" or "Petanque" court.  

10 Tons of Granite Dust to be Shoveled

Not to be disturbed unless with a drink

Boule in the grass is not ideal here as the bowls just sink and leave big holes. Plus we need the grass for the putting flags! So, a proper area has been created to the right of the slipway and we are gradually raking and rolling to improve it.  (When I say we......!
Testing the Boule Course

Mallard Ducklings 2014: Crispy, our mummy mallard for 2014,  had 8 ducklings on the grounds of Briar Cottages.  She brings them several times a day to the loch garden to feed.  As of today 30th April 2014, there are only 5 left. See 8 swimming beside our jetty in the video below.  We swim here too in the summer.  Sorry no photos.   

So far one duckling has been killed by a speeding car.  The others have been taken by a big fat seagull with a smirk on its face.  

Ducklings Swim With Mum, Briar Cottage, Loch Earn

5 Mallard Babies and Mum. They Let Me Get Closer Each Day
 70+ year old activity,  Lochearnhead!
Boating On Loch Earn
Fraser took the rib out for an airing on 29th April 2014.  It was a beautiful Monday morning and the loch was flat calm with fish jumping and the ospreys combing up and down the loch.  Fraser says "this is what 70 year olds do in Lochearnhead". Won't be long before he takes it 6.5 miles to St Fillans to investigate how the new Loch Earn Brewery Hotel and Visitor Centre is coming along. 

Fraser Testing the Rib for the Season

Improved WiFi at Briar Steading: Another item on the continuous improvement agenda has been WiFi.  The WiFi reception at Briar Steading was becoming critical as more and more guests have been using iPad which does not receive a WiFi signal as well as phones and laptops. We tried adding a large antenna to the booster which helped but eventually decided to hard wire.  Fraser and I physically dug a 70 metre channel through concrete, mud and stone and crawled up and down buildings to secure the Ethernet cable at both ends before back filling. Quite satisfying. We now have a 100% perfect WiFi signal anywhere inside Briar Steading.   Little Briar next, but can I wait for my back to recover?

New Year is booked in both cottages. Looking forward to a busy season. There are a few short breaks and weeks left in the summer plus autumn winter. Please check our calendar here or get in touch with me 07917 416 497 or Fraser 07876 212 505.  If we are booked on the dates that you want then check out our neighbouring villages accommodation  here -

Have a great Spring and keep in touch.
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