Friday, 6 June 2008

Perthshire Tartan Sheep and Hairy Wildlife

We tell our guests at Little Briar holiday cottage in Lochearnhead about the tartan sheep. No really! Auchingarrich wildlife centre is a few miles away just outside Comrie. The 100 acre parkland is home to an exciting range of animals and birds from the cute and cuddly to the big and hairy. Prairie dogs, highland cows, meerkat, coati mundi, wallaby, ostrich, black swan and ;ok there’s maybe some artistic licence and a "wooldresser" assisting with the sheep hues. A coffee shop overlooking the grounds serves snacks or you can bring your own goodies and use the picnic and barbecue facilities. There is plenty to keep the kids interested too with the hatchery and advertised feeding times. Some creatures are fenced off and others are running around your ankles. Great fun and a fabulous location with incredible views of the Strathern landscape. You can link to their website from ours

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Water Horse Inhabits Loch Earn- Beware of Handsome Men

Path from summer house to jetty, Briar Cottages garden, Loch Earn
According to folklore and legend, a water horse or "Each Uisge" inhabits Loch Earn; the most central loch in Scotland. I am glad I found out. We invite Briar holiday cottages guests to picnic and fish from our 250ft garden on the north shore in Lochearnhead. 

We regularly see ospreys,  water skiers and the local sea plane taking off and landing but nothing supernatural to report so far. Anyway, eat your heart out Nessie. This Scottish water spirit, that was chased from Loch Tay by Fingal the Giant, is reported to be far more dangerous than a mere kelpie from Loch Ness. What should visitors look out for? Beware a fine horse, pony or handsome man. 

Ride on a strange horses back at your peril. If Each Uisge sees or smells the loch with a mounted rider, its skin becomes adhesive, the riders hands will stick to its neck and they will be whisked off to the deepest part of the loch to be drowned. I don't want to put you off local handsome men that woo today’s maidens; just be aware of any bloke walking about with water weeds in his hair!