Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wee Santa poses in the calm before the Storm

santa in the west loch garden, Loch Earn 

Happy New Year. Please look at these pictures of wee santa at Briar Cottages, Lochearnhead

Wee santa at the picnic table Briar Cottages

He is an antique little guy that belonged to Frasers Aunt. A possible contender for BBC Antiques Roadshow if it were not for the fact that his red hat was actually a 1980's red sock! Sshh! Dont tell him. 

He is lovingly brought out every year with a big smile on his face. Fraser's children and grandchildren get a little spooked by his appearance however he is a fun little man once you get to know him.  All he asks for is a little respect. 
Briar Cottages summer house Big and Wee santa catch up
He looks magnificent against the back drop of snow around our holiday cottage grounds. Look at him sitting with big Santa Claus who is stuffed and propped up at Briar Cottages every year. This year Big Santa was at home in the summer house.  No wonder. What a view he gets of Loch Earn, Edinample Castle and Glen Ample.  

Wee santa sits on the swing in the garden, Loch Earn
Swing in front of xmas tree

Wee santa on one of the loch garden lights
Wee santa near the stair to the jetty, Loch Earn

In front of Briar Cottage and Little Briar
Venus protects wee santa near the slipway, Briar Cottage garden

Wee santa in front of Briar Steading

These photographs were taken around Christmas 2011 when the snow fell. Look how calm and pretty the loch was then compared to the video below taken in yesterdays storm on 3rd January 2012. Or was it a hurricane?  It blew out in about 3 hours then the sun came out. Hard to believe when you see the loch. Click on the arrow and take a look.

Thank you to everyone who stayed at Briar Cottages Lochearnhead in 2011. Wishing you a magnificent, happy and healthy 2012 with long sunny days in spring, summer and autumn.   Okay... maybe a bit of rain to keep Scotland looking green and luscious with quality crops.

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