Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Holiday cottage Scotland- Last chance to fish on Loch Earn!

Guest Stefanie fishing on Loch Earn 
Alert! The end of the fishing season is looming on Loch Earn.  You can still book the last week 1-8th October or book a 3-4 night short fishing break in Lochearnhead.

Trout fishing is not permitted after October 6th.  I suppose fish need a break too and they can get on with the business of creating more fish.  Could they possibly sense the end of the fishing season?  Every year we witness trout flipping into the air making water rings on the 6th October.  Is it coincidence?  I imagine that they are celebration flips as they shout "yipeeee we made  it".  Is it only young agile fish that do these gymnastic turns?  I wonder what kind of tsunami ring would be created if Loch Earns record breaking catch of a 26lb 10oz trout could flip. That would be one for YouTube.

It has been a great year for our guest fishing folk. Nobody beat last years family record of over 50 trout caught in a week, however, there were some good quality brownies and rainbows landed.  We have had seasoned professionals here with impressive technical gear and three novices (including children) managed to catch a fish on their first go with a simple rod and a few maggots, - much to their and our delight.

Guest Steffanie from Frankfurt in Germany sent us the above photo of her fishing on Loch Earn . She may not have caught many but its surely the quality of the catch that counts.  Hugh and Anette from Edinburgh(pictured below) launched their fishing boat from our slipway.  You do not need to buy a permit to fish anywhere along our 250ft garden or from the jetty.  If you go by boat then it is £25 for a weeks permit or £9 per person per day. You can bring your own gear or hire tackle from the Lochearnhead Post Office. You can buy maggots and floats there and in the local store too. 

Hugh and Anette bring their fishing boat to launch at Briar Cottages 

Briar Cottages in Scotland are available in all seasons. Once the fishing stops the pheasants appear, the hills and bracken turn to rust and Briar Steadings wood burning stove and Little Briar's outdoor chiminee become poplar for Autumn and Winter short breaks. As for the deer...they have already started to come into the garden for grass in the rear garden slope.  They will come closer and closer to the cottages in search of plant food to keep them going in colder weather.  A remarkable sight if you are lucky enough to spot them. Some people consider them a pest,  however they are just doing a bit of pruning.  They left one leaf on our Laurel bush last year and it came back in full glory in the spring.  Telephone now to book up the last of the fishing dates for 2011.  Kim and Fraser: 00 44 (0)1567 830 443 or mobile 07876 122 505. http://www.stayatbriar.co.uk/
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