Monday, 25 May 2009

Springwatch: 11 eggs in a fountain by Daffy Duck

My husband jumped out of his skin when something brown wriggled in the flower border around the fountain and fish pond in our garden. It turned out to be Daffy Duck. Our Daffy is a "wild" female mallard. A regular visitor to Briar and Little Briar cottage for years, she comes looking for any scraps of food - especially in mating season when she has a string of beau's following. Having not seen her for over a week we thought she must be nesting on the banks of Loch Earn. This happened last year after which she brought her two chicks to us every day for some food. We feel honoured that she has chosen our garden however she has popped 11 eggs this time! We are not sure how the chicks are going to get down from the fountain. They could always practise swimming in the fish pond but might need a helping hand to land comfortably on the ground. So thanks to all our holiday cottage guests that helped to feed her over the last month or so. I suppose it must be hard going eating for 11. Sending the photo's to BBC springwatch and I will try to capture the chicks when they hatch. Anyone know how long it will take?
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